David Harvey

Uneven Geographical Development

Miguel Robles-Durán

Unitary Urban Strategy and Tactics

Leilani Farha

Housing, Finance and Human Rights - Legislation and Policy

Ana Rodríguez

Cultural Commons and Political Strategy

Josep Bohigas

Applied Socio-Spatial Strategy

Jeanne van Heeswijk

Community Advocacy

David Bravo

Sustainable Mobility and Anti-Gentrification Strategy

Gabriela Rendón

Cooperative Housing Development and Neighborhood Initiatives

Alejandro Echeverri

Social Urbanism and Environmental Justice

Ruedi Baur

Civic Communication

Laura Raicovich

Cultural Action

Gala Pin

Political Strategy and Urban Governance

Pablo Caballero Moreira

Affordable and Cooperative Housing Policy

Phoebe Bachman

Alliance Formation & Facilitation

Laia Forné

Radical Democracy and Social Urbanism

Henar Diez Villahoz

Cultural and Spatial Strategies

Rubén Martínez Moreno

Social Innovation and Redistributive Politics

Emiliano Gandolfi

Communal Agency and Cultural Strategy

Jaime Palomera

Socio-spatial Justice and Housing Innovation

Mauro Castro Coma

Public-Communitarian Partnerships

H. Leigh Brown

Project Development and Impact

Ola Hassanain

Spatial Literacy and Urban Strategies

Isshaq Albarbary

Collective learning and planning